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Steve Johnston – Serial entrepreneur

You need to be intellectually curious, analytical and passionate about technology and business, both of which are constantly evolving.
To encourage team collaboration, technology choices and their uses need to be adapted to internal team norms, to speed up the adoption of changes.
It’s essential to align business objectives with technological initiatives. The management team has a competitive advantage when one of its members is a technology strategist.


Knowing how to communicate the impact of digital transformation on both operations and business objectives is vital to the company’s success.


If we want to influence teams in the right direction, we need to be able to present complex concepts and practices in a simple, clear and pictorial way.

Steve Johnston,
founder of Stemjee

P.Eng., MPM, MBA (Engineer - Master of Project Management, MBA)
For more than 25 years, Steve has been clearly sharing his knowledge by combining business and technology. Thanks to his vast experience of both worlds, he can make complicated things simple, to the great benefit of the companies he works with.
An entrepreneur first and foremost

Steve has had the opportunity to evolve in various roles such as VP Marketing and Sales, VP Product Development, COO and CIO. He has raised millions in financing to enable his companies to attack the North American market.

Career engineer

Steve loves to build. He likes to take a simple idea and develop, plan and execute it to the final touch. His interest in technology, his philosophy of continuous learning and the multiple projects he has managed enable him to quickly adapt the right technology to business needs.


Through his simplified, popularized and accessible approach, his business knowledge and his technological expertise, Steve optimizes organizations by aligning their business objectives and technologies. It adapts to the way they work to facilitate adoption and mobilization of the team, creating wealth for the company.

To reach his goal of helping 1,000,000 entrepreneurs, Steve has set up two major tools: StemJee and SteveOnDigital.

StemJee Inc. is the digital transformation expert supporting entrepreneurs one mandate at a time. The approach is professional and methodical, while remaining very close to entrepreneurs and their teams to ensure excellent adoption of digital changes.

SteveOnDigital is a growing platform that can serve several entrepreneurs at once. The growing community has access to resources to support them in the digital transformation of their businesses. Content is constantly being added: newsletters, blogs, a Youtube channel, SaaS tools and online courses specifically designed for business optimization.

Ambition/ TARGET

My goal is to use my experience and expertise to serve 1,000,000 entrepreneurs through StemJee Inc. and the SteveOnDigitalplatform.

My two tools (mentioned above) are packed with resources, tips and tricks to help entrepreneurs succeed in their business transformation.

I want to give entrepreneurs the knowledge and support they need to achieve their goals, as well as create a support network of like-minded people who can learn from each other. In addition, I will strive to ensure that these tools offer a positive user experience with easy access to important information and resources.

By providing these services to 1,000,000 entrepreneurs worldwide, I can make a real difference to the lives of business owners everywhere.