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Balancing technical expertise, strategic vision and business acumen to deliver unrivalled solutions for your success.

ENTREPRENEUR (Business side)
ENGINEER (Technological side)

I 'speak' both languages! Business and Techno!

Benefit from the many years of experience of an experienced consultant and entrepreneur who has been involved in many different business models. I’ve founded companies and still own a few, as well as doing consulting work.

Thanks to my experience, I can provide you with the best guide for your digital transformation journey without having to hire a full-time CIO (Chief Information Officer).

Why work with a Virtual CIO?

Features to start

Tons of experience

This experience has given me a wealth of knowledge and insights that I apply every day in my work.

Risk reduction

minimize risks by providing strategic advice, proactively identifying potential problems and implementing preventive measures.

Wise Investment

The use of a part-time CIO can be cost-effective, reducing overheads while providing access to the expertise and experience of a seasoned technology manager.

Unleash your digital potential.

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