Here is why the StemJee team is motivated to generate value in organizations by leveraging technology.
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Intellectual curiosity, an analytical mind, and a passion for technology and business must be kept on high alert as both fields are constantly evolving.
To foster collaboration across teams, technology choices and their uses must be tailored to internal team norms to accelerate adoption of change.
Aligning business objectives with technology initiatives is critical. The management team has a competitive advantage when one of its members is a technology strategist.
Knowing how to popularize the impacts of digital transformation on both operations and business objectives is essential to the success of the company.
To influence teams in the right direction, complex concepts and practices need to be presented in a simple, clear and visual way.
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Steve Johnston, founder of Stemjee

P.Eng., MPM, MBA (Engineer - Master of Project Management, MBA)
For over 25 years, Steve has been sharing his knowledge clearly by combining business and technology. With his vast experience in both worlds, he can make complicated things simple to the benefit of the companies he works with.
Entrepreneur above all

Steve has had the opportunity to grow in many roles such as VP of Marketing and Sales, VP of Product Development, COO and CIO. He has raised millions in financing enabling his companies to attack the North American market.

Career Engineer

Steve loves to build. He likes to take a simple idea and develop, plan and execute it to completion. His interest in technology, his continuous learning philosophy and the multiple projects he has managed allow him to quickly adapt the right technology to business needs.


Through its simplified, popularized and accessible approach, its knowledge of the business world and its technological expertise, StemJee optimizes organizations by aligning their business objectives and technologies. Stemjee adapts to their operations to facilitate adoption and team mobilization, creating wealth for the company.

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