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Générateur de valeur et passionné par les affaires et la technologie. StemJee aide les entreprises à tirer profit de leurs investissements technologiques.
Steve worked with me and my predecessor in planning the scope of the project and exploring the key objectives. He also worked closely with our IT team, and the key stakeholders and leads for all business units, so that his day to day work with our staff felt organic and he was well integrated into our organization, and feels like part of the team. Steve was very communicative, meeting with me at least once a week for check-ins and to ensure that his direction and deliverables were aligned with our objectives and what we envisioned; meeting with our Executive Leadership Team once a quarter to ensure they were kept up to speed on the developments of the project and ensure their constant buy-in, and participating in periodic staff level meetings (such as our SharePoint TaskForce meetings) to ensure that members of the task force were kept abreast of the project’s progress and were equipped to function as advocates for the new system. Staff were extremely comfortable with Steve, enough to contact him directly with questions, concerns, ideas, and requests  
Gina Leslie
Senior Manager
It has been a pleasure getting to know Steve over the last few years. He brings that important combination of IT experience and knowledge with an engaging supportive approach that ensures the results you are looking for.
Mike Pascoe
CEO Advisor
I have worked with Steve for a number of years. His strategic outlook, broad understanding of the digital landscape aligned with his attention to detail provides a valuable combination. Steve continues to keep his knowledge relevant. He is an honorable person with clear values and a pleasure to work with.
David Booker
COO - Business Growth Advisor
Je suis très reconnaissante de la collaboration et du travail de Steve. Il a toujours été présent et rapide à répondre à mes questions. C’est également avec un grand professionnalisme qu’il a su répondre à mes besoins. Merci Steve !
Bianka Richer
Entrepreneur, B-Web / Allea Solutions
La grande capacité d’analyse de Steve, son expérience approfondi du domaine des affaires, son désir de partager ses connaissances, en plus de son écoute attentive et de son approche humaine et authentique m’ont grandement aidé à prendre de meilleures décisions pour mes affaires.
Olivier Roy
Entrepreneur en série
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Kara Bryant
Marketing Manager
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Adam Usman
Sound Director