Promote a smooth and easy transition

People are put first when creating a digital transition plan

Improve the performance of your organization

The implementation of technologies is aligned with the achievement of your business objectives

Be ahead of the competition

Stemjee is committed to keeping abreast of the latest technological advances and to making sure you benefit from them

Increase the appreciation of your employees and customers

When planned properly, business process improvements make many people happy

Digital 4.0 Audit/Plan - SME

StemJee inc. is accredited by the Ministère de l'Économie de et l'Innovation du Québec (MEI). Get your strategic plan and your action plan! The program entitles you to a non-refundable contribution of 50% of eligible expenses up to $20,000.

The digital institution

The institution relying on digital technologies to support the work of its employees, managers and stakeholders is able to maximize the quality and personalization of its services and reduce operations and staff interventions.

Industries 4.0

By implementing best practices, the company is able to reduce costs, improve quality and reduce processing times, providing a significant competitive advantage.

Connected commerce

Information technology has become a must for today's businesses and allows them to automate many of their processes. This allows employees to focus on the elements of customer service that make a greater difference and allow for a more personalized customer experience.

Our exclusive IT solutions

Together with you and based on your business objectives, StemJee performs a digital maturity diagnosis of the organization and develops a plan to align and leverage the use of information technologies best suited to your business.

Outperform your market!

The profitability of companies that have completed their digital transformation increased by an average of 26%.

Find out for free how to outperform your market with a diagnosis of your current position and a plan of recommendations.

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