A good assessment of your digital situation is the starting point for a productive and efficient Optimization.
StemJee inc. is accredited by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec (MEI).
For all SMEs wishing to optimize their business

What will the Digital Audit 4.0 bring to you

The audit will provide you with a strategic plan AND an action plan that you can implement at your own pace. This plan will be created specifically for your company. The approach followed is the one defined by the ministry and evaluates 25 of your business processes divided into 5 important pillars in order to cover all the angles and guide you in your implementation. You will have all the tools to start your digital shift and take advantage of the technologies adapted to your needs.

The StemJee approach

For Stemjee, the key to continued success is a collaborative, people-friendly approach that is adapted to the way the company operates. Those who lead the implementation of technological tools must be aware of the changes that employees are experiencing and must be well prepared. Authentic communication and close collaboration with employees and managers is the key to success.

An empathetic approach to people is therefore essential.

Agile and proactive management allows for faster results while participating in the long-term entrepreneurial vision. In order to allow users to adapt to new tools, a PHASES approach has proven itself in many of our technology projects.

The foundation of our approach is: Plan, Build, Use and Evaluate results.

Reduce dissatisfaction due to human error through better information transmission

Facilitate the adhesion of your teams to the digital transition thanks to an approach that puts people first

Gain a significant organizational advantage by gaining easy access to the best information technologies on the market.

Increase efficiency and improve turnaround times by automating recurring tasks and reducing paperwork

The StemJee effect


What is your digital maturity? An IT audit will tell you!


Are you eligible for a government program to support your transformation?


Validation of your strategic directions and current operational processes


Align technology with your business objectives and plan for change


The AGILE approach allows us to adapt well to the implementation and to meet your needs.


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Propel yourself into the era of connected businesses

Our structured approach is tailored to connected businesses and our coaching designed specifically for retail, online and restaurant businesses aligns IT with the operational realities of your business and your business objectives.

Lower your operating costs, improve communications and customer experience, and reduce your risk of organizational and cyber security complications with a single investment.

Take advantage of the benefits that technology provides for businesses with ease.